Butterfly Milkweed and Pale Purple Coneflower

Missouri Native Seed is a small wholesale production farm which began in 2002 specializing in the production of North Missouri Ecotype Native Grass and Forb Seed. Our seed stock was hand collected from native prairie remnants in North Missouri, propagated in small production plots and then expanded into larger production fields. In addition, some of our "Missouri Borne and Raised" seed stock was purchased from the NRCS Plant Material Center in Elsberry, Missouri.

Currently the farm contains approximately: 100 acres of Little Bluestem, 35 acres of Indian Grass, 25 acres of Big Bluestem, 15 acres of Side Oats, 5 acres of Virginia Wild Rye, 1 acre of Prairie Drop Seed and a small variety of Forbs (wildflowers).

All production fields have been inspected by the Missouri Seed Improvement Association and carry the "yellow-tag source identified seed" label.

Missouri Native Seed utilizes its own seed cleaning facility and bags all grass seed in heavy nylon 50lb bulk bags appropriately labeled. All invoices include copies of certified seed tests that meet and follow the Association of Official Seed Analysis (AOSA) rules.

Missouri Native Seed is a member of the Missouri Crop Improvement Association and a member of "Grow Native!".

Little Bluestem