Prairie Dropseed
Sporobolus heterolepis

Prairie Dropseed - 'Sporobolus heterolepis'

Very thin, emerald green leaves form a dense arching tuft. Seed heads form in August and give off a distinct aroma. These graceful clumps turn yellow or deep orange in fall. Provides food and cover for wildlife. A 2005 Missouri Botanical Garden Plants of Merit winner.

Growing Conditions
Tough and drought tolerant. Grow in full sun in dry to average soil.
Looks great toward the front of the border or weaving in and out of taller flowering plants. Use in native plant gardens, naturalized areas, prairies and meadows. Excellent in massed plantings. Provides food and cover for wildlife.
18-24 Inches
24-30 Inches
Fall Color
Bloom Period
August, September